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"Market Edge Communications is a content marketing agency based in the Atlanta, GA metro focusing on content marketing, graphic design, brand identity and interactive media."

About Our goal is to create work that is honest, exploratory, and inspirational. Everything we design is created to be conceptually interesting and visually engaging.

Who are we?


Customers can interact with your business in any number of ways. Your message needs to be consistent across every marketing discipline you use. Everything that touches your audience has to have the same voice, the same feel and stay true to your image.

Market Edge Communications is an accomplished marketing communications firm specializing in the integration of traditional and interactive media strategies. Our expertise in all traditional advertising/marketing disciplines combined with a range of Web and multimedia services, online branding, and hosting, allows us to provide comprehensive business solutions.

Our goal is to help our client's succeed in growing their business, both in market share and at the bottom line. Not just today, but also tomorrow.

The Market Edge team creates and implements highly effective communication programs with a specialization in hotel marketing, resort marketing, destination marketing, residential real estate marketing (new home and vacation/second home), commercial real estate marketing, golf course marketing, community tourism programs, and economic development efforts.

Industry focus



Market Edge is a full-service hospitality marketing agency specializing in turnkey travel and hotel internet advertising and branding solutions as well as other business-to-business and consumer-focused industries,


Market Edge is an ROI-obsessed marketing agency driving demand, revenue and brand awareness for multi-family communities and management companies. We create inspiring digital experiences and engaging campaigns that produce measurable results - both to the bottom line and resident acquisition and retention.


Market Edge specializes in the development of industrial, engineering and construction marketing strategies, marketing plans, business development activities and graphic design. Market Edge assists engineering, construction and industrial organizations identify growth opportunities and develop targeted product, business and marketing strategies.


We help the marine industry navigate the seas of digital media. Our objective is to provide the ultimate user experience that is engaging, informative, and facilitates the establishment of relationship between the client's brand and their customers. From online marketing and social media to web development and innovative technologies, we give our clients an advantage in the marketplace.

Professional Services

Market Edge's professional services marketing builds brands and drives business development. We are the “marketing insider” for service-based businesses. We help clients align their market position to generate leads that grow their business.  We become an "extension" of your firm – to create and implement the marketing plan that produces measurable results..

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Services We partner with our clients to understand their needs. Then together design a new direction for them & their people, customers & community.


Our Services

Market Edge uses in-house creative and technical talent as well as carefully selected vendors to create and implement highly effective branding, online marketing and sales programs.

There are no geographic borders for many of our clients. There choice of Market Edge provides a marketing partner with the knowledge of target audiences ... wherever they may be.


Our Ability Have a look at what we offer

// Branding

A firm's brand is its most valuable asset. When your firm has a confident, well-positioned brand, opportunity grows: you are perceived as more credible, get more unsolicited leads, close a higher percentage of business and can charge more for your services.


Market Edge Communications blends visual and marketing expertise with high-end technical knowledge to not only affect the top-line, but also the bottom-line.


Design is more than style choices and Photoshop savvy. We believe design is most successful as part of a holistic approach to your interactive marketing plan.


Our customized services include Website Design that is visually stunning and seamlessly functional, Social Media Marketing campaigns that empower your customers and extend your reach, Google Analytics to track everything that happens on your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure your customers can find you above your competition, and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) to create a stronger brand presence and drive even more traffic your way.

// web development


Your website is working for your business 24 hours a day to communicate your brand message, connect with your customers, and sell your products. Market Edge Communications builds websites that have stunning design, targeted content, and are optimized for search engines to improve your web traffic.


Great rankings, great products and great prices mean nothing if website usability fails. It’s critical that visitors to your website can navigate your site and get to their ultimate destination quickly and intuitively.


Online content marketing services are designed to help firms communicate with customers and prospects in ways that encourage interaction and build brand loyalty. Content marketing services include web copywriting, social media copywriting, editing, proofreading, publishing, syndication and specialty copywriting.


Having a solid eCommerce platform is the foundation of your online business and we understand the importance of utilizing the latest technology to increase your profitability.


Through Analytics analysis, clients are able to better measure, manage and analyze their marketing performance. That leads to optimization that drives higher levels of business performance. The end result: the greatest return on marketing investment possible.


At Vertical Measures we understand that every business, and every website, is different, and therefore requires different internet marketing services to be most successful in its industry. That is why we offer a broad range of services to provide you with everything that you need, from SEO and link building, to social media.

// Traditional Marketing

Contrary to published accounts - traditional marketing isn’t dead, yet! In fact, it is alive and well, offering an abundance of opportunities for your business. Many consumers are comfortable with paper, and certain segments of the market actually prefer it.

 PRINT Design

We are skilled at creating an expanse of Print Collateral ranging from a simple logo or custom graphics to a full corporate brochure. All of our creations can be used for Internet or passed print material.


Market Edge Communications is a boutique media buying agency that gets to know your individual needs, your target market and cuts through the advertising clutter.


Collateral design is printed material used to provide information about your business and give it an image. This includes anything with a company’s logo on it to establish a visual brand. Cohesiveness and consistency are imperative in this process.

// ONLINE Marketing



One of the most essential ingredients in the success of online business is advertising. Businesses should have effective marketing and advertising skills to capture the attention of the public especially when competition arises. Many companies are in huge competition on how they would advertise their products and services online to gain the loyalty of consumers. They have this need to introduce new and creative ideas to advertise which is necessary in maintaining brand value.


Our public relations agency has the power to change the way people think, change the way people feel, and more importantly, change the way people behave, in a way that benefits your brand.


Our SEO program includes professional keyword research and copy writing, onsite optimization, link building, social media account set up, conversion optimization and online rank tracking.

// Social Media

The social web has shifted the online experience from searching and consuming to creating, connecting and exchanging. Yesterday's more passive consumers and web surfers are today's content generators, collaborators and influencers.


Market Edge Communications develops and manages effective social media marketing programs that lift brand awareness, engage with communities in your industry and drive traffic and leads to your website.


Personas are fictitious characters that are created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic that might use a web site. They act as 'stand-ins' for real users and help guide decisions about functionality and design. Personas are useful in helping to guide decisions about a product, such as features, interactions, and visual design that meets the users' needs.


Our social media services begin with an evaluation of your target audience and your business objectives. Once defined, we will build your social media strategy encompassing your content, platforms, design and analytics.


Our social media project managers keep your account active by managing and syndicating your content to all your profiles. We help build your follower and fan base by actively responding to and engaging with your followers and fans, and we regularly report on the activity and success your accounts have achieved.


Protecting a brand image is the most important thing a company can do. You probably have worked hard for years, if not decades, building your brand. Don't let negative mentions or reviews about your company hurt your bottom line. Potential customers searching for your company will see these negatives and often will choose to buy their products or services from another company.


Social Media is more than just talking about daily topics among friends you have not seen in a while. It is the places that your existing and potential customers are talking about your business brand.

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Works It’s our job to imagine…

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Blog News To Know

Move over smartphone, there's a new mobile disruptor in town.


Tablet adoption is skyrocketing among U.S. leisure travelers, triggering dramatic changes in online and travel shopping behavior. According to a new PhoCusWright Innovation Edition report, 44% of travelers now own a tablet, and an additional four in 10 plan to purchase one by the end of 2014.

With smartphone penetration at 75%, the tablet's rapid rise means a growing share of travelers is splitting online travel planning across multiple web-enabled devices. In 2013, one third of U.S. online travelers owned a smartphone, laptop and tablet, up from less than a quarter in 2012.

"Tablets are having an impact on travel planning habits that goes far beyond simply adding one more device to the mix," said Marcello Gasdia, PhoCusWright's consumer research analyst. "Once a traveler purchases a tablet, we're seeing their mobile web usage nearly double, with the mobile web accounting for fifty percent of time spent online. As the tablet-toting contingent of U.S. travelers continues to grow, the assumption that online travel planning usually means interacting via the desktop web may no longer hold true."

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DESTINATION TRAVEL: The consumer is changing, you need to change with them.


Tourists now expect more information than traditional DMO’s can provide. When it comes time to start planning for that vacation, the sheer volume of options can be daunting for even the most sophisticated traveler. Travelers who do not possesses a fair amount of local knowledge of a certain region could miss viable vacation opportunities which may be perfect for them. Many travel destinations in the South are viewed by the consumer as a general identifiable area (i.e. – The Grand Strand, The Emerald Coast, Tampa Bay, SW Florida, etc.). Travel consumers with little destination knowledge may not realize there are multiple cities and/or counties comprising the larger “popular” destination - each with their own tourism marketing organization with a goal of gaining the largest share of the market and generating the most visitor traffic to their community. Unless the traveler is aware of this situation and the local cities, towns and counties which comprise a popular destination area, they could miss vacation opportunities – literally just “next-door” to the area in which they are looking due to a lack of “local knowledge”.

See Solution: Southern Destination Vacation Deals

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How today’s leisure traveler market is changing


Travelport released the findings of an international survey providing insight into how digital leisure travellers plan and book their trips: from the frequency of their holidays to how they go about researching and planning their journey.

The study also explored their use of technology and social media and how travel agents can rise to the challenge of their evolving needs throughout their trips. Travelport estimates that the market for global intermediary leisure travel is expected to be worth $672bn by 2015.

Investigating the varying opinions and preferences of the ‘digital natives,’ (those under 35) and the ‘digital immigrants,’ (those 36-45), key findings from the survey include:

- The need to stay connected and a heavy dependence on smartphones: 87% of those aged 35 and under, and 80% of those 36-45, owned or planned to purchase a smartphone in the next six months. This increased access to the internet anytime, anywhere, is changing the expectations, demands and behaviours of leisure travellers.

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Delivering the Generational Goods: Exclusive research provides insight into how Millennials search for apartments, and what they expect from their eventual community of choice.


What Gen Y residents ultimately want from apartment community design and management, however, may not be drastically different from what the renters who preceded them desired. Apartment operators bent on Gen Y success will likely benefit from the site selection, core amenity offerings, and customer service considerations typically made for market-rate multifamily communities in the first place.

According to What Do Residents Want?: Trends in Resident Technology and Communication Preferences, a J Turner Research study conducted in June 2012, the Millennial generation is more apt to use smart phones, laptops, and tablets for apartment research. The survey, which included responses from 41,303 apartment residents (39 percent of whom were between 18 and 30 years old) showed that Gen Yers also gravitate toward social media, apartment community websites, and Craigslist more than older apartment searchers do.

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// Featured Posts

The number of people who watch online video at least once per month is greater than those who watch TV at least once per month, according to a recent Nielsen study.


How today’s leisure traveler market is changing ...

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