Market Edge Communications is a content development, management & marketing company.

Market Edge


"Market Edge Communications is a content marketing agency based in the Atlanta, GA metro focusing on content marketing, graphic design, brand identity and interactive media."

Market Edge Communications provides clients the valuable benefits of authentic, clear communication in support of their businesses, brands and Internet marketing plans.

The Market Edge Communications leadership team consists of a dedicated team of content marketing consultants and content specialists actively engaged in supporting clients’ B2C (business to customer) and B2B (business to business) marketing goals.

Today’s consumers are digital shoppers more than 80% of consumers begin the purchasing process by searching online for information and comparing prices, reading reviews, watching demonstrations, uploading product photos and locating the store nearest to them.

The new international online marketing paradigm requires strategies that address consumers’ need for relevant content across the full spectrum of platforms and throughout the purchasing process. Your consumers are now learning from search results, user reviews, ratings, text ads, image ads, news headlines, friend’s social media posts and good old-fashioned brand websites. And they are learning before they reach your brand and even as they are deciding. The buying decision journey has changed. MEC has the knowledge and resources to assist clients with content marketing needs across various channels, from social media outlets to traditional websites.

Market Edge Communications enables clients to be active at these critical moments by providing content with real value that focuses on solving consumer’s problems, answering questions and offering brand engagement.

MEC has helped clients in retail, healthcare, professional services, travel & tourism, manufacturing and a number of other industries to more effectively reach their clients and customers through well-developed content strategy and marketing campaigns. This is achieved by utilizing:

An international network

of writers, editors, graphic designers, project managers and translators to produce customized and localized content.

Scalable, dedicated teams

quickly assembled who understand content and Internet marketing strategy

Content and project management technology

that reduces production time, increases quality and consistency, and improves existing or new revenue streams

We assist clients in retail, healthcare, professional services, travel & tourism, and many other industries to more effectively reach their clients and customers through well-developed content strategy and marketing campaigns."

What We Do.

Content marketing with a strategic approach Market Edge Communications offers a full range of content marketing and digital solutions to satisfy your marketing concerns and help you more effectively reach your target market and generate leads. We design and implement a sustainable content marketing strategy for your company that will exceed your expectations and allow you to more easily achieve your goals and objectives.

Smart solutions begin with a strategically conceived content development plan that focuses on:

  • Original content to engage users
  • Improved visibility as a brand
  • Increased web traffic
  • Enhanced user experience & communication
  • Significant return on investment (ROI)

B2C and B2B Content Marketing Market Edge Communications offers both B2B and B2C content marketing services, and has extensive experience developing and implementing effective content marketing campaigns in both sectors.

We Offer

Content Marketing Content marketing is about optimizing the experience that potential customers or clients have when they visit your website.

  • Content Development

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    Web Design

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  • Content Localization

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    Graphic Design

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    Native Mobile Apps

    Experts estimate that there will be 1.75 billion smartphone users in the world in 2014... Learn More

  • Content Management

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    Social Media Marketing

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    Asset Management

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focusing on content marketing, graphic design, brand identity and interactive media."

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